provender® NZ Ltd

provender® is a New Zealand wide business with local Franchise Owners keeping businesses revived by providing snacks, drinks, coffee or tea directly to them through a range of vending and machine options. Franchise Owners restock and service their machines or honour snack centres from their dedicated van's on a regular basis to ensure customers Stay Revived!™. MORE VENDING OPTIONS FOR MORE CUSTOMERS THAN ANY OTHER VENDING PROVIDER!   Why do we exist?   Convenience! Convenience! Convenience!  1 in 3 people don’t eat lunch at work - "they don’t have enough time”. Evidence suggests - as long as energy intake and output are balanced over the   day, frequent snacks or refreshments can be beneficial for weight maintenance. Nutritional intake in the mid-afternoon is a great reviver and improves mental performance. That's why!   Why do our Refreshment Franchise Owners choose provender®?


provender® NZ Ltd
Suite 2/37 Wilkinson Rd
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