How to recruit franchisees in 2019

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Inside Franchise Business: 5 tips for franchise recruitmentWhen it comes to finding the perfect franchisees for your businesses, it’s important to approach the task with focus, diligence and patience.

Prospective franchisees are making potentially the biggest financial decision of their lives and you want to make sure they have all the right information, and importantly, are the ideal fit for your franchise system.

Five top franchise recruitment tips

Here's how to get the process right:

  1. Have an integrated approach to advertising your franchise. Use a combination of platforms - Facebook, Instagram, traditional media, flyers, advertisements to name a few. Mix up the messages to reach different audiences, and even present different offers to suit a range of budgets, skill sets and experience.

  2. Know your franchisee. Who is your ideal prospective franchisee? Understand what is driving them and what their passion is. How does this fit with what you are offering – a lifestyle change? A financial opportunity? Flexibility?

  3. Be responsive to ALL enquires. A quick response to enquiries can increase your chances of conversion. Contact all potential leads immediately – even just with some follow up questions or scheduling a proper chat. You don’t know how many opportunities your prospective franchisee is looking at – make sure that you don’t let being slow off the mark see them sign up with your competitor.

  4. Be diligent and patient. Trying to rush a decision can lead to a lot of heartache for everyone involved. Buying a business is a huge, life-changing decision for many people. Give your prospect a chance to process and know for sure they want in.

  5. Honesty is the best policy. Show your prospect everything. Teach them the ins and outs of the business and help them fall in love with the brand, not the business ownership fairy tale. It’s a far better start to a healthy partnership when your franchisees are joining the business without the rose-coloured glasses.

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