New franchisees: how to get sales from day one


Inside Franchise Business: sales are crucial to your new franchise businessYou've launched your franchise business. Now it’s time to start focusing on the key factor in your future success: the sales.

All business owners will tell you, it’s not a case of setting up shop and waiting for the profits to roll in, there is a refined science behind cultivating and maintaining client relationships.

The contemporary Australian consumer is a cautious, albeit loyal one, so it’s pivotal that new businesses capture the attention of the community and make a big impact immediately.

Here’s three steps to ensure your new franchise sees the sales rolling in from day one.

1. Understand your customers

Understanding who your business appeals to is key to generating sales, and while you should have already factored this into your site selection, it becomes critically important once the doors are open.

How often will they purchase, how much they will spend and what issues can you address are factors that you should consider.

Once you have established your ideal customer, you should have a fair indication of where to find them and what marketing materials will resonate.

2. Marketing

As a general rule, franchisees will be required to pay a marketing levy to the franchisor, in order to receive local area and national marketing support.

For the franchisee, the job is not over however; each individual unit should be focusing on promotion and marketing in their local community from a grass-roots level, and in today’s digital world, that means getting social.

Cloe Johnston, TLS Marketing content major said utilising social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to connect with prospective clients online was no longer just an add-on for new business owners, it is a necessity.

“Social media is a great and cost-effective platform for increasing brand awareness, conversions and traffic,” Johnston said.

The franchise marketing expert also warned against posts that are too “sales-y”, revealing that thoughtful, community minded posts are more likely to resonate with your target market.

“Your customers want to get to know the personalities behind your business, and natural content is a great way to increase reach and engagement.

3. Focus on return customers

It’s much easier to keep an existing client than it is to find new ones, but that notion should extend beyond just positive customer service.

Once a sale is completed, ask for a referral and follow up with past clients to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

If they are, a simple call can help remind them of your product’s quality, or alternatively if they are not, it gives you another opportunity to meet their needs and attempt to mend the relationship, increasing the likelihood they will return.

Steve Rollings, Anytime Fitness multi-unit franchisee and CEO of Fitstreem says asking for referrals opens the door for further communication and engagement with the local community.

“The key is to offer an incentive for this and always, ask for every single sale. You’d be surprised at the end of the month just how many leads you will get,” Rollings said.

Ongoing commitment

Above all else, an ongoing commitment to continuing growing and driving sales is the most important factor in improving profit.

Consumer demands evolve constantly, so it’s a good idea to regularly update your sales process and review your current customer profile.

Remember, sales figures are the lifeblood of your business, the tell you how much money is entering your business and whether you are operating efficiently.

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