New Snap-on cordless impact wrench exceeds customer expectations


Snap-on Tools Australia and New Zealand introduces a new range of impact wrenches that combine a high torque output with an ergonomic design.


The new Snap-on 18 Volt Ni-Cad 3/8 drive impact wrench (CTA4418) features a slender design, balanced ergonomic control and 250 ft. lbs. of bolt breakaway torque to meet the requirements of every service technician.

Adam Scott, Product Manager for Snap-on Tools Australia and New Zealand explains that the Snap-on CTA4418 offers excellent torque output for the technician to handle tough applications including seized and rusted nuts. Additionally, the ergonomic design and soft grip handles allow them to use the impact wrench all day without getting fatigued.

Powered by Snap-on’s 18V Ni-Cad batteries, the cordless design of the Snap-on CTA4418 impact wrench gives sufficient flexibility to the user without tripping over an air hose; the user is additionally assisted by an integrated 0.5 watt LED light to see clearly into hidden corners.

Adam adds that the CTA4418 can be used in hard yards as it has been tested successfully at 6-feet high drops thanks to the housing being made from high strength, impact modified 30% glass filled Nylon 6 material. A micro-controlled digital switch provides variable speeds, protecting the CTA4418 from overheating during extended use.

Key features and benefits of Snap-on CTA4418 cordless impact wrenches include high efficiency rare earth magnet, 4-brush motor for maximum durability; high capacity 2.4 Amp‐hr, 18V Ni‐Cad battery for a long run time; alloy steel, heat treated, helical gears for maximum durability; alloy steel hammer and gear carrier accurately machined for maximum durability; patented impact mechanism design; cold‐formed, alloy steel anvil for maximum durability; ability to remove a 7/8” bolt tightened at 250 Ft‐Ib in less than 5 seconds; and ergonomic design, with soft grip handles to reduce user fatigue. 

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