Self-starter Snap-on Tools Paget franchisee is a man with a mission


Michael Carew from Queensland is the Snap-on Tools franchisee for Paget, has been operating his own business for over two years, and is all of 31 years old.

With the success he has been enjoying in his franchise business, Michael disproves the popular perception that purchasing and running a franchise is an older person’s game.

Trained as a diesel fitter, Michael realised from a young age the power in controlling his own employment and spent a lot of time looking into business opportunities. The self-starter went on to be employed by the local Snap-on franchisee before taking the leap and investing in his own franchise.

Thanks to the stint as an employee at the Snap-on franchise, Michael had a great handle on the operation of the business even before he starting running his own. He explains that the business is simple to run and is based on building up relationships with the customer and following the rules of the franchise.

Michael attributes his success to the simplicity of the franchise system, as well as the support he receives every day from the head office, especially from his direct support team, the Sales Development Managers who step up and help him out.

According to Michael, the Snap-on brand is well-known so he doesn’t have to spend time convincing buyers about the quality of the product since they already know it.

Michael is a successful franchisee, is deeply proud of the business, and acknowledges the contribution of important people both inside and outside the business to his success. The support of his partner Lucy for instance, has been tremendous as she assists with paperwork and supports him in his enterprise. Their decision to purchase a franchise has helped them invest in a better lifestyle for both of them.

Thanks to the success of the Snap-on franchise, he was able to afford to send Lucy to university.

With his franchise billings growing by 25 per cent on a weekly basis, Michael is keen to see the business develop even more; however, he is looking to retire early and believes Snap-on is the way to do it.

People who are interested in buying a Snap-on Tools franchise can first take the Discovery Tour to see whether the business is a right fit for them. Consisting of an interactive program of six modules, the Tour will take the prospective franchisee behind the scenes of operating a Snap-on franchise. 

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