Snap-on Tools ranked among Top Three Aussie franchises


Snap-on Tools was one of the runners-up in the top franchises list of 2013 announced by the Franchise Council of Australia in October last.

Specsavers, a British company that set up 100 shops in 100 days was named the top franchisor in Australia for 2013. The runners up were Foodco, an Australian company, which runs two cafe brands (Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue) and Snap-on Tools, a US-based company that delivers all types of tools to mechanics and engineers through its on-road service.

FCA general manager Kym De Britt describes the top three as the standouts of 1200 franchisors that applied for the awards last year. He said all the three franchisors scored highly over the 11 different parameters of assessment. The winner, Specsavers was finally selected on the basis of financial performance. Apart from being selected the top franchisor, Specsavers also won last year's award for Australian Retail Employer of the Year, having opened close to 300 stores in its five years of operation and employing more than 3000 people in Australia in its stores and support office.

According to De Britt, the quality of systems and support was also an important consideration for the success of a franchise. Foodco, which has produced two coffee shop brands in the past decade, came highly recommended for its training programs. The company runs a network of 128 Jamaica Blue stores in South East Asia and 275 Muffin Break outlets in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and India, all set up in a span of 10 years.

Operating in the mining and mechanical engineering areas, Snap-on Tools is also highly favoured by mechanics for their suite of diagnostic tools. Using mobile vans to bring the tools to businesses on demand, Snap-on Tools supplies customers across the spectrum from apprentices to big industries.

Franchise consultant and co-author of The Franchisee's Guide, Phil Blain was involved in selecting the top three franchisors and explains the winners were rated highly because of their ability to maintain support and feedback at all times to their franchisees. 

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